POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Oct 5)

2 min readOct 5, 2021


Uptober continues with Bitcoin anxious to crawl back to $50k, now at $49.4k +2.6%, and ETH flat at $3390. Movers are EVX +20%, OGN LINA +10%, POLY +8%, ADX -18%, APPC -10%, BRD AST -8%.

Dapper Labs has acquired influencer platform Brud to launch a new business called ‘Dapper Collective’ which focuses on helping DAOs.

Warsaw-based crypto startup Ramp, which calls itself the ‘PayPal for crypto’, reached a $300M valuation in a series-A funding round closing with $30M led by Balderton Capital.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has started looking at a potential retail focused CBDC and now published a whitepaper exploring architectures and design options.

BitMex is running a promo to move your BTC into their exchange, enticing users with a $25 move-in bonus, and $75 bonus for their first trade.

Nikkei, which hardly mentions crypto, reports authorities claim crypto investors owe the Japanese tax authorities $12.6M, with about half of it coming from $ADA’s rally — zero sum mindset ngmi.

Meanwhile in El Salvador, it was announced locals can enjoy a $0.20 subsidy for gas if they pay in BTC.

Two of NA’s largest Bitcoin miners, Marathon and Hut 8, reported quarterly earnings which show they are diamond-handing BTC, with Marathon using its stash as collateral to purchase more mining equipment through a revolver with Silvergate.

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