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Bitcoin is slightly softer, -1% to $47.7k, ETH is much the same at -1% to $3550. Movers are AUDIO +26%, CELR +19%, ALICE +11%, OGN +9%, FTM -10%, AST IOST -8%.

Binance is planning to shift away from its long-standing “decentralised headquarters” narrative due to global regulatory headwinds and consistent pressure from multiple jurisdictions to name a centralised entity.

A16z is in talks to back CoinSwitch Kuber, an Indian crypto trading startup, at a hefty $1.9B valuation.

Scaramucci’s SkyBridge Capital has filed for a crypto ETF and raised $100M for an Algorand Fund which is being capped at $250M.


Bitcoin is +1.5% to $48k, ETH is +5.3% to $3600. Movers are REN +30%, FTM +23%, SUSHI +15%, CHR +11%, SNX CRV +9%, CELR -10%.

The Solana team announced they have successfully completed a restart of Mainnet Beta after the 1.6.25 upgrade, although network delinquency is around 18%.

A failed attack on Ethereum occurred which managed to temporarily divert 0.8% of nodes to a non-canonical chain two days ago, with 550 blocks published with invalid PoW — all affected nodes have successfully merged back into the main chain.

ETF Series Solutions filed for a BTC futures ETF with Bitwise Index…

Bitcoin is +4.4% to $47k, ETH is +3.5% to $3415. Movers are TRU +26%, CRV +24%, CELR +22%, REN +21%, AAVE +18%, SUSHI COMP +16%, UNI +13%, PNT +12%, LINK +11%, ALPHA POND YFII +10%, FTM SRM -10%, AST -9%.

Bitcoin Core devs have announced the release of the 22nd version of the client, the first major release to support the upcoming Taproot protocol upgrade, expected to activate in November. Taproot expands Bitcoin’s smart contract flexibility while enhancing its scalability and privacy.

Solana devs are ‘all hands on deck’ as an unknown bug stops block production, the second incident of…

Bitcoin is softer -1.7% to $45.3k, ETH is -2.1% to $3320. Movers are POLY +19%, SNX +13%, LIT +12%, POND -15%, CELR -13%, INJ -12%, OCEAN LINA -10%, GRT -9%.

Coinbase is going to sell $1.5B of 7yr and 10yr debt in a private offering, with rates and covenants yet to be determined.

The legal advisor to President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador has said the country will exempt foreign investors from tax on profits on Bitcoin investments.

MicroStrategy has acquired an additional 5,050 BTC, about $250M, to bring its total hodlings to 114,042 BTC, worth $5.1B …

Bitcoin price is volatile today, moving between $46.9k and $44k within an hour’s span, ETH is also trading between $3390 and $3150. Movers are CELR +40%, AST +35%, OCEAN +14%, LINA +12%, TRB +9%, FTM -9%.

Knock-offs in NFTs run rampant, and many are unhappy about the latest culprits, called Solanapes, a Solana-based NFT collection inspired by BAYC and SolPenguins, which look similar to Pudgy Penguins. PunksOnSolana also look like copies of CryptoPunks, which some are comparing to buying a ‘fake Chanel bag’ in Chinatown.

Cartoon Lobster NFT DAO is giving the $4M it raised to crypto lobbyists Coin Center…

Bitcoin is flat at $45.3k, ETH is +2.0% at $3325. Movers are DIA +25%, FET +24%, CELR +18%, OMG +9%, POND NMR -12%.

Ethereum is getting less expensive to use as the NFT boom takes a slight breather — transaction fees have dropped to end of August levels of ~$12, compared to $59 just days ago. OpenSea’s NFT volumes are 50% lower after its monumental surge last month.

Technology from the British Post Office is being used to sell vouchers that can be redeemed on decentralised exchange Swarm Markets for Bitcoin, in a new attempt to allow citizens to purchase…

Bitcoin is softer -1.8% to $45.1k, ETH is -4.0% to $3240. Movers are POND +42%, NMR +27%, SRM +10%, AST -15%, FET -13%, STMX FIS CELR -11%, AUDIO SAND TRU -9%.

Crypto as a whole has dropped, alongside the S&P which fell for the fifth day in a row and ending the week -1.7%.

Mastercard bought CipherTrace in order to boost crypto security and compliance, for an undisclosed sum.

The BIS has called on central banks to start acting now to crypto and DeFi, as Benoit Coeure says these will “challenge” bank models and they “have to act while the…

Bitcoin is flat at $46.5k, ETH is softer -1.7% to $3450. Movers are POND +325, SRM +24%, CRV +20%, AUDIO +16%, CELR +13%, STMX +12%, AST +11%, LINA REN OMG +10%.

The SEC has delayed the ruling on VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF yet again, this time extending the decision to November 14th which is almost an entire year since VanEck’s initial application back in December 2020.

Cardano is set to launch its smart contracts this weekend as part of its Alonzo network upgrade.

Ukrainian Parliament passed a law yesterday which legalizes and regulates Bitcoin in the country, giving permission to citizens…

Bitcoin is a touch softer but basically flat at -1% to $46.3k, ETH is looking better +2.5% to $3510. Movers are IOST +38%, CELR +29%, POLY +12%, FTM +10%, LRC +8%.

All the buzz has been around Brian Armstrong’s twitter thread on the SEC threatening to sue Coinbase if they launch their planned lending program, similar to BlockFi — Mark Cuban got vocal and suggested Coinbase sues the SEC for lack of transparency and straight hypocrisy.

Alan Howard backed private equity firm 10T Holdings raised $750M for its first fund to invest in cryptocurrency companies, with about 80% already earmarked…


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